1. This is pretty straight forward and a serious question
  2. A question I probably shouldn't be asking strangers about but,
  3. How do you know if you need medical attention?
  4. The past year or so I've been feeling not quite like myself
  5. I have always been insecure, but this past year this insecurity has intensified
  6. I'm also very happy, yet at the same time I feel as if I'm slowly suffocating
  7. I live a great life with a supportive family and friends and knowing this it makes me feel worse for feeling the way I do
  8. Everyday I feel like my insecurities claw at my brain and I feel insane
  9. I'm overly paranoid that every single mistake I make will obliterate all that's good in my life no matter how minor this mistake is
  10. Is this just part of being a teenager? Should I just ride out this feeling?
  11. I'd appreciate any tips, help, suggestions, etc.
  12. Thank you ♥️