Mind you that my niece is 3 and my nephew is 7...
  1. "Ouch, it's spikey"- my niece's reply after caressing my sister's unshaven legs
  2. "You don't need to look pretty, no one cares"- my nephew after watching me get ready for an hour
    A care free attitude I wish to adopt some day...
  3. "LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO, TOUCH ME LIKE YOU DO!"- sung very loud and clear by my 3 year old niece
    No one is touching her like they do. I also admit this was very cute and unexpected when this singing happened. Oh Ellie Goulding.
  4. "Can you turn on the shower for me? I need some time to shower by myself. It's been a rough day."- my nephew after spending a day at the amusement park
  5. "Too bad, so sad."- my nephews reply to me wanting a new car
  6. My nephew read this joke to us and he thought the answer to the joke was, "Answer at the bottom of the page"
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