1. Feeling exhausted all day, but once you're settled in bed you can't sleep
  2. Having your pet cuddle with you and wanting to readjust yourself, but you don't want them to leave
  3. Thinking you sing pretty good when you actually sound like a possum attacking a bird
  4. When you poop and the toilet water splashes back at you
  5. Being initially excited about making plans with someone, yet on the day of not wanting to leave your bed
  6. Wanting short hair, but wanting long hair at the same time
    and being too broke for extensions...
  7. Pushing while you're pooping and breathing out which in turn makes your poop go back up
  8. Studying for an exam and getting the same grade as someone who didn't study
  9. When you really want to add a song to your Spotify playlist, but that artist doesn't put their music on Spotify
    Adele...c'mon girl 😒