1. So I fall asleep at 2 AM and drift off to dream land
  2. In my dream I win this great scholarship which I applied to in real life
  3. I'm so ecstatic from winning that in my dream I even utter the words, "This is a dream come true!"
  4. Dream me stops a minute and thinks...
  5. Damnit, it's a dream...
  6. My alarm clock starts blaring to wake me up
  7. Naturally, I slam the snooze button
  8. Then I check my emails
  9. Could it be?
  10. I won my scholarship
  11. I did it
  12. You're great
  13. You're not a failure at everything you do
  14. YES 💥💥
  15. Turns out I was dreaming about waking up from a dream and winning
  16. I then wake up and double check my email for the scholarship message
  17. I couldn't believe my eyes...
  18. I still didn't win 🙇🏽