I'm a freak of nature which means I have several small little things that either cause me anxiety/nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/ or worse, awkward uncomfortable laughing.
  1. Showing someone something I think is funny with the uncertainty of them feeling the same way
    Insecurity has always been an issue for me, so when I show someone a TV show I think is hilarious and they don't laugh one bit I'm pretty sure I have a mini panic attack.
  2. Sitting in the middle seat of the plane and fighting for armrests
    I'm not sure if there is some unwritten rule, but I swear on all things holy that I get to take up both the left and right armrests because a) window seat gets THE WINDOW, need I say more and b) aisle seat has easy access to the bathroom.. I get both damn armrests. Do not challenge me on this.
  3. Returning something to a store and formulating a legitimate back story
    It's not like I am trying to deceive the sales associate. I just need to feel prepared when they ask, "Was there anything wrong with the item?" because saying, "I realized I bought this dress out of spontaneity and I rarely leave the comfort of my home." is not a answer I would be proud of.
  4. Holding the door open for a person, and the next person, and the person after that...
    The never ending line of people I hold the door open for until another victim assumes my position and this viscous cycle repeats.
  5. Waiting for a particular sample at Costco
    You know when someone takes the last sample and you're awkwardly waiting for the refill on the sample tray. Then you have this internal battle within on whether you should come back or just miss out on possibly one of the best samples you'll have in your entire life.
  6. Turning off the ceiling fan
    I have an "old school" fan where you have to pull the chain to switch it off. I hate not knowing if my fan is actually slowing down or I just didn't pull enough times for the fan to slow down.
  7. Dancing with a stranger
    When you go one way to get out of the way, but they go the same way. Then that repeats itself at least three more times. AHHHH😁