My birthdays usually disappoint me.
  1. 8 - Ice rink at the Galleria.
    First party that I got to invite my entire class to. I remember feeling very cool to have my party there, and very excited to be receiving an all-time record number of gifts from my friends.
  2. 13 - sleepover with tons of girls from my grade
    We went to Benihana's knockoff Tokyohana for dinner, where a vivacious black singer sang me happy birthday. I gave everyone bath & body works party favors & felt super popular for 1 weekend.
  3. 17 - my attempt at a house party
    Had fajitas catered and a disney princess theme. Watched Disturbia and Taken. We ran around the neighborhood like hooligans. A few girls spent the night. I think we had the firepit going as well.
  4. 18 - RA sushi
    This party got lame after we took a group "jumping" photo and went back to my house for cake.
  5. 19 - Tex Mex & Bowling
    Even though i was in college i had my party at a mediocre tex mex place Guadalajara in Houston & we went bowling afterward
  6. 20 - UT vs. Baylor game
    My whole family came to Austin for the weekend to go to the football game. We went to a very nice brunch the next morning. Then my roommates & my sister & I watched Scott Pilgrim and got drunk on vodka coke in a Qdoba cup without my sister noticing.
  7. 21 - an all week celebration
    Sun - dinner with family. Surprisewinebottlepocalypse of 2013. Mon - trudy's with my friends. Impossiblechecksplitpocalypse of 2013. Tues - first ever $1 beer night @ cain & abel's with KP. Wed - can't really remember, something fun. Thurs - first ever $1 marg day at el arroyo with Rob. Fri - dirty 6th with Mike & John. Sat - switchfoot concert in houston with my sisters.
  8. 22 - Buca Di Peppo & 6th
    A large family style italian dinner with a pretty decent turnout, a trip to 6th street with Mitchell. Club going up on a Tuesday fur sure.
  9. 23 - adult house party
    An amazing spread by my sweet temporary roommates followed by a very wet and shitty night on 6th.