Things about my genuinely nice colleague that annoy the f**k out of me.
  1. Takes.......30 say a.......simple.............sentence
  2. His low riding trousers, and builder's bum which leads too.....
  3. Sometimes when he bends over, I can almost see out through his eyes.
  4. His long nails.
  5. 'I know where that it is' Proceeds to take me to the wrong place, THEN looks at a map.
  6. He leaves dirty tissues all over the place.
  7. Generally messy
  8. His habit of asking a question that someone has already answered; 'Do you have a computer?' 'Yes I use it to google things, but I don't know much about computers.' 'Does it have access to the Internet?'
  9. His total lack of knowledge regarding the concept known as; 'Time'.