Best Movies I See In 2017!

Not necessarily released this year, but an ongoing list of movies I see this year that fuggin rock!
  1. Looper (Action)
    Joseph Gordon Levitt's face.....I can't get over the alterations.
  2. Babadook (Horror)
    Creepy af!
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy V.2
    Not as good as the first one, but comedy was on point, plus, baby Groot steals the show
  4. Harry Potter Series
    Hadn't seen in a long time and forgot how dark the series gets.
  5. Logan
    Bad....Ass! Easily my favorite X-men movie. Complete with best action and all the feels.
  6. Lego Batman
    A lot more entertaining than expected. I was laughing so hard, Will Arnett is a great Batman.
  7. Dave Chappelle: Netflix Special
    Ok, not really a movie, but its been so long since we saw him in action and these did not disappoint
  8. Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes
    Recommended to me and i loved it. Very funny guy
  9. Birdman
    Definitely a weird flick, but the performances were legit and I'm still in awe about it only being one whole take....i mean, come on👍
  10. Finding Dory
    Cute movie, baby Dory is best. Definitely some sads here but good ol Pixar magic.
  11. Spiderman: Homecoming
    Best....Spiderman....Ever! Not to mention, Michael Keaton as Vulture might be my favorite MCU villian
  12. 9 (Tim Burton)
    Dark and creative, can't believe I hadn't heard of it. Loved it
  13. Mama
    This is a creepy ass movie, made me jump a bit. Really cool premise though, unlike a lot of other horror flicks.