Childhood Sexual Awakenings

Totally showing my age, that I have a thing for bad boys, that MTV and Disney had WAY too much bearing on my childhood, and that I am a total sexual freak show - fun nonetheless. It's a long list...
  1. David Bowie
    In every form. But as a little girl, I fell in love with Jareth and realized he was also the Thin White Duke
  2. Westley (aka The Man in Black)
    To be honest, Cary Elwes is still smokin' hot.
  3. Tim Curry as Frankenfurter
    That voice - and yes, I clearly have a thing for men in make-up. Not typical of most girl's lists, but I am not most girls.
  4. Zack Morris
    I know, he was a total ass.
  5. Kelly Kapowski
    Yes, I am bisexual. And I never really liked TA-T in anything else...
  6. Disney's Robin Hood
    Guess I've always been an Anglophile...
  7. Jennifer Connelly
    Sarah was a bit of a whiney brat in Labyrinth. Who wouldn't choose Jareth over a stupid baby? But she was and still is beautiful...
  8. Evil Lily
    One of my favourite scenes in Legend...
  9. The Darkness
    Tim Curry again... Don't judge me.
  10. John Bender
    Breakfast Club
  11. J.D.
  12. Timothy Dalton
    He was my first 007 - and I still fancy him no matter how much older than me he may be
  13. Jake Ryan
    Not realizing until I was an adult how fucked up this movie actually is, yes - I fancied Jake Ryan
  14. Prince
  15. Annie Lennox
    Androgyny - also something I super dig
  16. 'Hard Harry'
    Pump Up the Volume
  17. Grace Jones
  18. Prince Eric
    He's like the cartoon version of one of my 'types' except not British...
  19. Aladdin
    I dig smartasses, what can I say?
  20. Chris Chambers
    Stand By Me
  21. Tommy Hanson
    21 Jump Street
  22. Edward Scissorhands
  23. The Vampire Lestat
    I read the Vampire Chronicles when I was 11, okay? And I was in love.
  24. George Michael
  25. Dave Gahan
  26. Paula Abdul
  27. Janet Jackson
  28. Lloyd Dobler
  29. Iceman
  30. Volleyball montage
  31. Billy Idol
    Including the chick in the video for 'Rock the Cradle of Love'
  32. Nick Rivers
  33. Chris Knight
    So I had sort of a HUGE thing for Val Kilmer, ok?
  34. Doc Holiday
    A bit later in my development but definitely bears mention. Did I mention I love Val Kilmer? And in this all pale, sickly and dressed in black - closest to the most goth he's ever been. My favourite version of Doc ever. And of course I also loved ...
  35. Johnny Ringo
    Hot, crazy and educated.
  36. Johnny
    Always loved a man who could dance and man, Swayze could dance...
  37. Alex Finch
    RDJ in Chances Are
  38. Atreyu
    The Neverending Story
  39. Michael, David and Star
    The Lost Boys