I looked up my name in the gif section... Total nonsensical randomness but these are my faves

None of them really have anything to do with me or my name... Surprisingly, a lot of my interests popped up though
  1. I just think this one is cute
    Though rather demeaning. It did remind my of Sailor Moon though, which I like.
  2. Damn straight!
  3. I love Harry Potter, Hermione AND drinking...
    So this one is pretty apt.
  4. Goodies never say die!
    'Nuff said
  5. This is just fuckin random
  6. I do love Halloween and I used to be a redhead...
    And it's just SO bad, I had to
  7. Love me some Star Wars
  8. And Doctor Who
  9. Of course Brenda Walsh would have to make the list
    When 90210 was popular, anytime if say my name people would say 'like Brenda Walsh?' Wtf.
  10. Always happy for a cocktail
  11. This is indeed true
    So many books
  12. And I love Supernatural, especially Dean