Reasons I Don't Need To Get Out Of Bed

It's my first list and a common theme, be gentle
  1. These two adorable furry fuckers
    Terrible picture but my legs are pinned by cats. Cuddle adorable asshole cats.
  2. It's foggy as fuck outside
    Normally that wouldn't bother me, I like living in a foggy place most days but today it just looks fucking cold
  3. I am not wearing any pants
    Sometimes I regret sleeping naked... What if there was a fire? Would I rush out, cat under each arm, Buck ass naked? Possibly. However, sometimes I will wear pjs to bed in fear of this... It is totally random unless temperature is involved as to when pjs are worn. Then somehow throughout the night I manage to remove my pants and not my top. Maybe I got too hot in my sleep... However it happens, it means I have no pants on.
  4. This bed is crazy warm and cozy.
    On some days my bed just feels more comfortable than usual. Today is one of those days
  5. Today is my first day of a very limited amount of freedom
    Yesterday was my last final of the quarter. I have no demands to meet today
  6. I have absolutely no obligations today
  7. This stupid furry face
  8. This asshole