I am an incredible procrastinator - especially when I have a massive amount of homework due...
  1. I cut the rug pad under our area rug so that the the pad is one inch smaller than the rug on every side to help prevent slippage and trippage - we've had the rug for a year.
  2. Spectracided my entire house, inside and out, because it has been one year since I last did it and I hate ants
  3. Started laundry, realized I was out of laundry detergent, remembered I got a free sample with my textbooks, searched thoroughly, found free sample, did laundry.
  4. Got waxed
  5. Went to Grocery Outlet for an item they ended up not having and bought a week's worth of groceries
  6. Planned tonight's dinner
  7. Made and ate raviolis for lunch
  8. Watched an episode of Orphan Black
  9. Made iced tea
  10. Made a fence structure to protect my sunflower seedlings
  11. Played with my cats
  12. Made this list...