What Happens Post-Stress Out

Once the task I am stressing about is accomplished, then come the blissful aftershocks...
  1. I want to eat all the things ever
    Because I didn't eat while stressing, my body is starving once it's over meaning...
  2. I gain any weight I lost back probably plus some
  3. I immediately get sick
    It's like the stress was keeping my body from allowing it but as soon as it's gone, a cold is inevitable and when I get a cold I get
  4. Bronchitis!
    A great thing to have a week before they're going to put stitches in me. Coughing will be a real treat
  5. Dehydration
    To be honest this probably happens during stress time too, but I notice the dry mouth and headaches more after
  6. Body aches
    Probably due to the amount of tension I held onto while stressing my whole body aches like I spent 5 hours at the gym
  7. Memory loss
    Many things people discussed with me while stressed out and all the things I studied to remember for a test... Gone
  8. Apologies
    Apologizing for what a bitch I surely was while stressed
  9. Wishing I could smoke weed
    I dream about how much easier these things would be if I could have a joint. I'd probably be far less stressed in the first place! But since I eventually want a government job, can't risk it.
  10. Spinning wheels
    My brain goes into overdrive freaking out about whatever the next thing to freak out about will be
  11. The house is a fucking mess...