So, I have a surgery coming up next week that will lay me out for about 4-6 weeks. This means that I have to take my finals for this quarter two weeks early, which means one week after midterms... Which I took yesterday
  1. I don't want to eat anything.
    My mind is too busy and I forget to eat or am just not hungry meaning...
  2. I lose weight
    3 lbs this week to be exact
  3. No housework gets done
    Study study study
  4. Hand cramping
    From writing so much
  5. Panic attacks
    I had one while driving to school on Tuesday... It was awful
  6. Questioning if any of this is worth it
    I could die tomorrow! Hell, today!
  7. Stress crying
    The horror
  8. A resting BPM of 85-100
    Feels like my head and or heart will explode
  9. Insomnia
    Because who needs to sleep when you have so much shit to do the next day?
  10. I shed hair even more than usual
    I shed so much NORMALLY I don't understand why I'm not bald but when I am stressed its like the makings of a small animal fall from my head
  11. Splitting headaches
    Like there is a cleaver in my skull