If you love these things - more power to you. I just can't.
  1. Bacon
    Please no. The smell is disgusting to me and crispy bacon is especially wretched. I get hardcore judged for this one - people act like I've desecrated the grave of their most beloved aunt.
  2. Alcohol Buzz
    I dislike this so much that I'm convinced that I must simply experience this differently than others - because I can't fathom people WANTING to feel like that.
  3. Beer
    Kind of related to above, but really it just tastes terrible to me. People usually try to help me find a beer I'd like; the only problem is that it is impossible for such a thing to exist. So I'll stick to ciders and accept some low key judgement.
  4. Snooze Button
    Just no. I would like to complete all my REMs instead of having a final 30 minutes of fitful sleep. I mean, that's how sleep works, right?
  5. Baseball
    Thankfully baseball is slowly becoming less popular because this sport is boring as hell and I can't even feign interest.
  6. BONUS: Hot Dogs
    Primary problem - not a hamburger. Secondary problem - popular at baseball games. Tertiary problem - often contains mystery meat and/or parts.