A Catalogue of Attempted Fourth of July Toddler Pictures with an Adorable, if Unwilling, Participant

  1. Okay. We're going down the stairs. Maybe she'll sit adorably in a moment? Maybe we could get the classic prom pose (standing, slightly angled, on the stairs)?
  2. Oh man. She's focused. Look at that tongue. She's Michael Jordaning so hard right now. (@amieshmamie photobomb)
  3. Showing a lot of shoulder skin there little girl. How about some class?!
  4. Newton was right. A body in motion wants to stay in motion.
  5. We're moving into some picturesque scenery here. PREPARE FOR GREATNESS!
  6. Balancing with tongue thinking? Solid. Floating disembodied arm. Hard pass.
  7. She's on a mission to remain close enough to the camera to spill out of the frame. Look at her determination! She's part rhino. She gets that from her mother's side of the family.
  8. She's actually part missile. She gets that from her dad. (This picture was actually my favorite of the bunch)
  9. This could easily be an album cover for a child country star. Get older so we can exploit you already!
  10. This picture is perfectly focused. Her feet are just blurry in real life.
  11. A classic perspective / tiny human shot. Bonus points for the curious expression.
  12. Classic country bumpkin. She picked up her own stick and everything. (This is the one we wound up using)
  13. She's got that swish and flick down. She can even produce a Patronus charm. #legitwizard
  14. Shamelessly using pictures of my daughter for likes? Yes. Don't judge me! It's tough keeping up my rigorous once-a-week posting schedule!