I needed to be able to apply some medicine to my face to knock out the last remnants of a staph infection. Figured I'd have some fun and torture @amieshmamie along the way...
  1. I'll miss you Beardsley.
  2. Chinstrap - Didn't hate this as much as I thought I would.
  3. Gotee - Slowly approaching horrible. Not a great look for me.
  4. Fu Manchu w/ Soul Patch - The stuff of nightmares. #undateable
  5. Fu Manchu - Interestingly, less horrible than above.
  6. Mustache - The clear winner. Amie gagged a little taking this picture.
  7. #love #forever #justlikemydad #dadstache
  8. Clean Shaven - Hopefully not a great angle - because I think I kind of look like a dweeb.