I have a beard. I've traditionally kept it high and tight. Recently a friend of mine has gone beard crazy, began to read beard blogs and invested in numerous beard products. He has urged me to grow my beard out and do likewise. My birthday gave me the perfect excuse to wander down this path...
  1. Honest Amish Beard and Body Soap
    This is by far my favorite of the lot. A soft and ultra pleasant smelling bar of soap. If I had the money to use these exclusively I would. But at about $7 a bar I'll just use this to wash my beard and let it passively make our bathroom smell amazing. For real. I wasn't expecting to love this so much.
  2. Honest Amish Beard Balm
    Has a kind of natural outdoorsy smell to it. Like a sensual lumberjack. Yeah. Softens beard hair and helps control those wild hairs. Doesn't require a lot per application. One time I used too much and, while I loved the smell lasting all day, it made my beard too oily. I even had to clean my iPhone screen after taking a phone call. Lesson learned.
  3. Kent Pocket Comb (Coarse and Fine)
    My friend (mentioned in the list description) was really talking this thing up to me. I didn't really understand his enthusiasm until mine got here and I tried it out. Really nice feel and doesn't snag. Bonus points for making me feel fancy.
  4. The Beardman Soft Boar Bristle Brush
    This guy works great to brush in beard oil and/or balm. The bristles help spread the oils evenly through your beard without getting greasy to the touch like the comb would. Feels nice too. Honorable mention for promoting the use of "boar" puns in my morning routine.
  5. Striking Viking Beard and Mustache Scissors
    "Did you buy this pair of scissors exclusively because you liked the little Viking logo?" Yes. Yes I did. And I stand by that decision.
  6. Fugami Silicone Soap Tray
    You can't buy fancy soap and let it dissolve to soap scum. I choose the dark grey because I like the visual contrast with the soap. Though it now occurs to me that that may simply mean that I have to clean it more. I'm going to pretend they were meant to be together. The old fashioned country boy (soap) falling for the glamorous high tech city girl (tray).
  7. Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb and Case
    I went ahead and picked this up with the scissors thinking it would be a cool conversation piece. And it might be that - but it doesn't come close to the Kent as far as actual combing is concerned. Plus, I think it's called "Sandalwood" because it smells like it has been strapped to someone's sweaty feet for days at a time. I still think it's cool (largely due to my love of the company's name and logo), but it won't be getting a lot of use from me.
  8. Honest Amish Beard Oil
    Only placed last because this guy just came in the mail today (as evidenced by the dropper still being wrapped up). I'm not certain if I'll like it as much as the beard balm, but I imagine it will be somewhere around there. I plan on alternating between the two, but we'll see how it all shakes out. All my friends at work are beard oil advocates now, so at least my trying this will make them happy. :)