You know how sometimes you start hearing about something a little at first - and then seemingly constantly until you finally decide "Well, there must be something to this"? Yeah, that's been happening to me with meditation. I'm convinced this is going to be awesome and I'd like for you to join me (if you're down - no pressure of course).
  1. Obligatory photo for background
    (These are my suggestions and what I'll be doing. If it doesn't work for you please modify accordingly.)
  3. Read 10% Happier
    Highly rated memoir slash meditation primer. Might be available at your local library. I'd also be willing to pick up an Amazon copy to lend out if you're concerned about spending money. I'm excited to read this because it's a book about meditation that isn't all generic-quasi-spiritual (which is a bit of a turn off, though I do appreciate that meditation is involved in pretty much every religion).
  4. Join Insight Timer
    Free and social. You can add me as a friend by searching for "Daniel Christopher Berryhill" (and you can find @amieshmamie by searching for "Amie Berryhill"). Comment your user name so other Li.sters can find you too. There are loads of "First Time" guided meditations to help get you started. I'm also looking into creating a group, but I haven't figured out how yet.
  5. Use additional resources as necessary.
    I'll be using Headspace and Calm as well as I figure out what I like (both have great free content for getting started).
  6. about it when and if you want
    No pressure here - but feel free to share anything you learn, results, etc if you're so inclined.
  7. Be about 10% Happier