I lost myself a little in 2016 even though I made some important strides. I'm taking it all back in 2017.
    This is where I felt the most deficient this past year. I basically didn't work out all year for the first time ever in my life. Little pissed at myself, but I had some issues that needed sorting first.
  2. Get back to 190 pounds (at least).
    I put on what I would call a horrifying amount of weight - especially when I had to eat so much damn bread for the "Gluten Challenge" to be tested for Celiac Disease. That's all behind me now and I've already dropped about 14 pounds. I don't expect too much trouble from this guy.
  3. Run sub-30 5k
    After not running at all for a year and slowing down dramatically before that I think this is a perfectly reasonable goal (if not too easy). In my current state this will take a little work, but it won't be too difficult and I'm happy to know what I'm working toward.
  4. Rehabilitate Shoulder and return to Jiu Jitsu
    I listed about this a while ago, but my efforts have been delayed by the aforementioned medical testing. Now there shouldn't be too much standing between me and focusing on rehabilitation.
  5. Prioritize sleep
    I'm so bad at this and I've been learning recently about how important sleep is to so many facets of life. Time to knuckle down and give myself a bed time! (As weird as it sounds, I think this is my toughest fitness goal)
    I got a great new job this year (2016) and I'd like to carry that momentum into 2017. (And become a more valuable asset to my team. So far I've fallen short of my expectations for myself.)
  7. Complete a Track on Team Treehouse
    Treehouse is a great education platform for web technologies (I'm interested in design and development). Even though I've completed many courses I have yet to complete a full track.
  8. Launch a sound design product
    My side hustle needs some loving. Besides needing to release some more foley sounds I really need to complete a major sampling synthesizer I've had in the works for some time now.
  9. Complete my personal website
    What I have up right now is terrible. It did show my current employers I could figure out CSS frameworks quickly (in this case Twitter's Bootstrap) and landed me a job. It's not good for anything else though. Time to do a better job marketing myself.
    Not really sure what the best name for this section is.
  11. Continue learning to cook
    Cooking fresh wholesome food has become the center of my fragile little world. I can't believe how much I've learned in month alone - from using cast iron skillets and pressure cookers to learning how to cook and prepare all kinds of crazy vegetables. I enjoy being able to occasionally prepare something for the family more than I thought I would!
  12. Marie Kondo the shit out of my belongings.
    We are on the cusp of a dramatic lifestyle change and purging a lot of stuff is the first step. Hopefully we'll earn some cash selling stuff we don't need too.
    Our finances are adequate, but FAR from ideal. We have a lot of work to do. Baby steps in 2017 include:
  14. Pay off Amie's student loans
    We're on the final 10k you guys! This won't be easy, but might be achievable with certain aforementioned lifestyle changes.
  15. Replenish minimum emergency fund
    We're below a thousand dollars and I'm not a fan. I hope to at least get back to that (not including separate accounts for car repair, etc)
  16. And the first goal falls! (02.19.2017)
    My high was 216.8 on 11.27.16.
  17. 2nd Goal Achieved: Return to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (03.26.2017)
    I got to roll today! It was so good to be back on the mats. It was gigantically stupid though - my shoulder wasn't the best this week. I stopped early but then hurt myself doing some shoulder dislocates (common stretch that sounds more gruesome than it is). Meh, I'll just have to take it a day at a time.