I'd love if I saw a few more of these (but alas, @amieshmamie is the trendsetter, not me) because I'm always curious about other's worldviews, values, etc. (Mine happen to be alliterative.)
  1. Family
    I chose my wife carefully. We have a beautiful daughter. The only ambition I've ever had is to be a good husband and father. I do the best I can and I hope to get better. I like our extended family too. :)
  2. Philosophy
    No regrets about my major. Philosophy (and logic) taught me how to critically evaluate the world around me. It informs every aspect of my life. (Interesting side note: My Myers Briggs personality profile changed after my degree. Additional Interesting Side Note: I'm very skeptical of Psychology.)
  3. Physical Fitness
    I could binge watch all the health documentaries (which would, ironically, not be a healthy thing to do...) Diet and nutrition fascinate me. And though I'm not interested in bodybuilding, I care deeply about being able to perform athletically and being able to do so for as long as possible.