And because @amieshmamie will be unspeakably happy about this (though simultaneously confused that I haven't been more productive).
  1. This List
    In my defense I think this is my last distraction.
  2. Made Coffee
    I'm on muscle relaxers for a pinched nerve/severe muscle spasm/doctors don't know yet. I'm permanently fatigued.
  3. Watched BRAVE With My Daughter
    In all fairness watching a movie with Ellie is a normal part of our Friday's together. Also, while this isn't my favorite Pixar movie plot-wise, it does have some of my favorite characters.
  4. Watched the New Captain America: Civil War Trailer A Billion Times
    It turns out that I might still be the little boy who loved reading Marvel Comics in his room.
  5. Looked Up The "Teams" That Comprise The Aforementioned Captain America Movie
    Really this is just a natural extension of the last item. It turns out this saved me from watching the trailer EVEN MORE.
  6. Developed A Theory That Ben Carson Is Being Blackmailed By Donald Trump
    I mean seriously, wtf?!?!
  7. Accepted Delivery Of An Item From A List My Wife Made A While Ago
  8. Took A Shower
    No apologies for this one really. I really needed to smell better...
  9. Met My BFF For Coffee Followed By Smoothies
    Probably not a normal combination. But this is another Friday tradition. Ellie happily ate some coffee cake and drank some of my smoothie. :)
  10. Played Hide And Seek In Books-a-Million
    Ellie was in the t-shirt rack Every. Single. Time.
  11. Fantasized About Turning In My Two-Weeks Notice Tomorrow
    I work at a church. I don't hate it. But I don't feel particularly valued either. This would mean I'd wrap up my work there the day before Easter. It turns out I couldn't actually be that much of a jerk, but I am enough of a jerk to imagine it with a shiver of schadenfreude.
  12. Caught Up With Some Old Work Friends
    As I was leaving Starbucks an old work friend frantically flagged me down. She had another former co-worker inside, so we all caught up and talked about how cute my daughter is.
  13. Walked My Dog Around The Neighborhood
    Another regularly appearing segment of my life. Luna is part Husky and needs regular exercise. We walk together an average of three miles a day regardless of weather conditions. Ellie happily accompanied us in the stroller.
  14. Looked Up All The Adobe Apps In The App Store
    This is related to completing my my portfolio, right? RIGHT?!?!
  15. General Sloth
    Those muscle relaxers are tough to overcome. But that coffee is subtly kicking in now. Time to get my work on...