Am I doing this right?
  1. MacBook
    The MacBook is life.
  2. Faucet
    For hygiene and stuff.
  3. Ukelele Tuner
    Can't woo my lady love with an out of tune instrument.
  4. Electric Toothbrush
    For that fresh bref.
  5. Way Too Many Guitar Pedals (Here's One)
    They call to me with a sweet Siren's song.
  6. Here's Another One
    Why are ambient guitar players always late? (Because they're always delayed)
  7. Synthesizers
    There's three here alone. (Pay no attention to the additional guitar pedals...)
  8. Crestron and Production Screens
    I have so many buttons to press at work.
  9. Which Powers A Bunch of Amps
    This is half of my amp rack. Love these guys.
  10. And A Few LASER Projectors
    These projectors are amazing (though huge). Instant on and no bulbs to replace? #worthit
  11. Lighting Console
    Those light cues won't program themselves.
  12. This Exciting Light Switch
    The first light switch that someone had to explain to me. Love that it's programmable.
  13. And This Less Exciting One
    A classic.
  14. Humidifier
    I'm like Walter in Sleepless in Seattle.
  15. Microwave
    How I heat up the water for my tea. Maybe won't use this one so much if we ever get an electric kettle.
  16. Dishwasher
    Because nobody wants dishpan hands.
  17. About a Billion Wireless Mics
    Tools of the trade.
  18. Portable HD Recorder
    The newest power button at work. We'll see how this puppy turns out.
  19. Washing Machine
    I do my own laundry because in the words of a friend, "I'm very particular."
  20. Dryer
    Used in a timely fashion this thing stops my nose's mortal enemies: mold and mildew.
  21. My Wife
    I occasionally understand innuendo. :)