1. Kiss at red lights.
    Do it. Your relationship will be better.
  2. Cut your own hair.
    Why pay for awkward conversation and a bad haircut? Pass.
  3. Never drink soda
    Just drink water. Pretty much always.
  4. 2 alcoholic drink max.
    I don't always drink, but when I do ... you can bet your ass you won't find me tipsy.
  5. Never get a second helping at Thanksgiving.
    That way I won't be miserably full and I have some room for dessert.
  6. Park far away.
    No wasted time looking for the perfect spot, a pleasant walk from car to destination, and closer to the exit at large events. Win win win.
  7. Don't take a nap.
    I already have an extremely difficult time sleeping if the sun is out anyways. If I'm exhausted enough to manage falling asleep it will be for hours and totally jack up my sleep schedule.
  8. Take the stairs (when reasonable).
    Subtle cardio for the win.
  9. Leave phone charging in bedroom for most of the weekend.
    Not because of the battery. Because it's nice to sever all ties to the outside world every once in a while.
  10. Walk the dog. A lot.
    She's part husky, so we walk many miles together every day. Weather doesn't matter - but fireworks do.
  11. Minimize interactions with people you don't like.
    AKA "Don't feed the trolls." @amieshmamie taught me this one - right before I got in an argument with her aunt.
  12. Wash clothes with cold water on delicate.
    There's really no reason to do anything else. Your clothes will last forever!
  13. Always eat breakfast.
    I like it. It has a kind of ritual to it.
  14. Avoid American news networks.
  15. Try to Li.st at least once a week.
    It keeps the wife happy...
  16. Have sex at least twice a week.
    It keeps the me happy.