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According to Michael Scott
  1. 1.
    Al- Qaeda
  2. 2.
    Global warming
  3. 3.
    Sex predators
  4. 4.
    Mercury Poisoning
These blatantly dirty songs will silence a car, make everything uncomfortable, and will be turned immediately. Please add to this list so I know what else to not play with my grandparents around.
  1. Let's Get it On- Marvin Gaye
    The title of the song is enough to turn it "Let's get it on"
  2. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe -Barry White
    The opening lyrics are enough to silence your grandma
  3. I Will - Danny Brown
    This whole song is about going down on someone so it was hard to choose my favorite lyric: "I go dumb and ignorant when I'm on that clitoris, Lick yo ass delirious my tongue game so damn serious, So bend that ass over lemme eat it from the back, That pussy so good have a nigga coming back"
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I know it's impossible to get all these bands but they are just bands I wanna see
  1. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
    I've seen them twice in my life. That's not enough times. My friends need to know what they have been missing out on.
  2. No Doubt
    My love for women who kick ass does include Gwen Stefani.
  3. Gorillaz
    Damon Albarn is a genius and nothing would be cooler, and more unique than to see one of my favorite bands live.
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  1. 1.
    Snapchat your friends pictures of just your face
  2. 2.
    Do homework for the class you have in 10 minutes
  3. 3.
    Beat box ( or at least pretend you know how to)
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