Driving past the Arts Center tonight, I was struck by an almost 20 year old memory, which reminded me of this old list request (the "regret" item specifically).
  1. 1 regret
    Letting my "boyfriend" drive us home after a concert at which he had done whippets because I had never driven on a highway before and I was scared to. Stupid f*ing decisions, all.
  2. 1 moment of pride
    Besides my own children, being asked to speak at the Orton-Gillingham graduation ceremony on behalf of my class of trainees.
  3. 1 dream
    Travel is the first thing that comes to mind in this category. I'd love to see and experience the world with my husband (and my kids too, sometimes all together, sometimes separately).
  4. 1 fantasy
    I would love to be able to paint or create art with some kind of skill - to pick up a paintbrush and make the image on paper match what's in my head.