Inspired by @shanaz, @xtineengels, and @joemurphy
  1. Untangling necklaces
  2. Organizing things that no one but me sees (drawers, cabinets, etc)
  3. Keeping the peace
  4. Pictionary
    This feels like a bold statement. Please don't challenge me. I'm only mostly good at it.
  5. Seeing the potential usefulness of a thing and keeping it forever
  6. Taking lots of pictures and keeping them organized
  7. Being my kids' mom
  8. Explaining things in a way others can understand
  9. Following rules
  10. Making dinner from random ingredients in the pantry
  11. Remembering weird, tiny details about a person and then accidentally seeming stalkerish
    But also forgetting major details, like the person's name
  12. Regular dental care
    3 checkups a year, y'all
  13. Arts-and-crafts-type stuff
  14. Procrastinating
  15. Day trips
    I will pack meals, snacks, spare clothes for all types of weather, tissues, band-aids, sunscreen, timetables, maps, and whatever else you didn't even know you might need.