This feels ambitious but listing it out last year was really helpful, even if I didn't accomplish every goal.
  1. ⭐️DAILY⭐️
  2. Continue running/Run a 5K
    The actual event of a 5K is not the goal - I just want to be able to run 3 consecutive miles. But I do enjoy a good road race too, so maybe.
  3. Eat less sugar
    A repeat of last year's goal because the older I get, the worse it makes me feel.
  4. Less time in front of a screen, more time engaged with what's in front of me
  5. ⭐️WEEKLY⭐️
  6. Meal plan and shop accordingly
  7. Prep my tutoring lessons in advance instead of at the last minute
  8. ⭐️MONTHLY⭐️
  9. Be more proactive in my friendships
    Initiate plans, call or text to check in.
  10. Plan individual time with my daughter
    She gets the short end of the stick, attention-wise, being at school all day.
  11. ⭐️PROJECTS⭐️
  12. Declutter all the rooms!!
    And the attic and the basement
  13. One home repair project per month
    Small DIY stuff. Nothing expensive.
  14. Do something with all the pictures I take
  15. 🎉GO ME!! 🎉