I tried not to agonize over my choices and just have fun. It's not my usual style. 😉
  1. Can't (figuratively) live without:
  2. Tea
    Morning, noon, and night. It fixes everything.
  3. Target
    Makes life easier!
  4. Dessert
    I've tried. It never lasts long because dessert is amazing.
  5. Nature
    Makes me as happy as all of the above combined
  6. Could sooner forget:
  7. Negative people
    Mean, gossipy, pessimistic. Those people who love to complain and find fault with everyone and everything.
  8. Cold weather
    Give me one or two good snowstorms a year - the kind with perfect snow for sledding/snowmen - and just skip over the rest of winter, thanks very much.
  9. TV news
    In love with the sound of their own voices, and mostly serve to spread fear. (I don't actually watch, but sometimes I happen to be in a place where it's on and it's just terrible.)
  10. Food allergies
    Seriously, my life would be 1000% less stressful.