Inspired by @roaringsoftly, @lexie_elyse, and @pili_ervin. This took me forever to write, and I only kept going because it was an interesting challenge. Maybe nobody will want to read it, but I figured if I put this much time into it, I should at least post it.
  1. I am the oldest child in a family of 3 girls.
  2. At 5'4", I am the shortest of the sisters.
  3. My sisters and I are planning to get coordinating tattoos that I've been nominated to draw.
    I fully realize that this does not sound like a good plan but we are three of the most careful, non-impulsive people ever, so we probably won't do anything that sucks.
  4. I live in the town I grew up in.
  5. I quit ballet when I was 3 because I didn't like being the center of attention.
  6. I am moderately afraid of the ocean and of the drains in pools.
  7. I am mostly afraid of the dark.
  8. I fall asleep on my left side every night and wake up on my stomach every morning.
  9. I used to run. I can't anymore and I still miss it.
  10. I overthink everything.
  11. I went to therapy for a year and loved it. I'm hoping to start back again soon.
  12. I have two separate journals for recording quotes I like.
  13. I like animals and think children benefit from having pets, but I really, really don't want one.
  14. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to cold, but i don't know how I'd prove or disprove that.
  15. I used to have dreams in which I could fly and do other superhuman things but I don't anymore and I sometimes wonder why not.
  16. I don't drink or smoke, and I'm vegan. I have been called both boring and snobby as a result.
    I am boring, tbh.
  17. My drink orders are always the same: unsweetened iced tea in restaurants and cranberry and club with lime in bars.
  18. I've driven the same car for the last 14 years.
  19. 3 is my favorite number, and I generally prefer odd numbers over even.
  20. I can fall asleep anywhere.
    Examples include a Major League Baseball game and a concert at an outdoor arena (it was the opening band and I was really tired).
  21. I once took an art (drawing) class at our community college for the fun of it.
    It was challenging but great.
  22. I like my handwriting.
  23. For our 4th grade "Invention Convention," I invented the Headstand Helper, a cushion that strapped to your head to make practicing headstands less painful.
  24. I have a small collection of fossilized shark teeth I've found over the years.
  25. I am super competitive at board games, but only the ones I think I'm good at: Pictionary, 25 Words or Less, Scattergories, Mad Gab, maybe some others that I forget.
    I'm not strategic, but I like words and drawing.
  26. One of my biggest pet peeves is fingerprints or watermarks/drops on my eyeglasses.
  27. I would love to have a workshop for building furniture someday.
  28. I don't know how to build furniture.
  29. I dislike manicures, and I hate pedicures.
  30. I speak with a slight New Jersey accent, although it's nowhere near as exaggerated as what you've heard on television.
  31. I was a mediocre flute player for 9 years (4th-12th grade) and a proud member of the high school marching band.
  32. When I was a teacher, one of my good friends was hired as our school principal, and I got anxious every time I walked into her office because it was "the principal's office."
  33. Cereal is my favorite snack, usually at night.
  34. I've never had a cup of coffee, but I love coffee flavored things. Especially ice cream.
  35. I think in images and pictures a lot of the time, especially when it comes to feelings, and then have a hard time explaining what I mean out loud.
  36. When I flew to California in April, Weird Al walked right past me in the airport.
  37. I love sunrises but would rather sleep in, so I always miss them.
    Thanks, @BWN_7, for sharing yours!
  38. I am still friends with my first friend ever - he was born the month after me and lived down the block.
  39. I married the first person I fell in love with.
    It's not the friend from the previous item.
  40. I am clutter-blind but I dislike dirt and detest stickiness.
  41. I've had one surgery, to repair the torn meniscus in my right knee.
  42. I sucked my thumb until I was waaaay to old. I had braces in high school and still have a retainer. It's permanently affixed behind my bottom front teeth.
  43. I HAVE TO sleep in socks.
  44. You should not bother asking me if I have seen a particular movie, because the answer is almost certainly "no."
  45. My memory is frustratingly poor. My brain and I don't agree on what things are worth keeping.
    Bullet journal and lists help a lot. I don't like the feeling of forgetting.
  46. Also, I cannot recall things on the spot. If you ask me what music I like, not only will I not be able to answer, I won't be able to think of a single musician.
  47. There is a freckle on the heel of my left hand that sometimes gets mistaken for a bit of chocolate. This is actually a logical conclusion if you know me.
  48. My husband describes me as having inertia, in that it's very hard to get me to to start doing something, change course, or stop doing something once I've started.
  49. If I could live in any building in the world, it would be Casa Batlló in Barcelona.
    There's so much of the world I haven't seen yet, but I can't imagine anything better than this.
  50. In the next 5 years, I would like to learn: to swim properly, to take decent photographs, and to get better at (indoor) rock climbing.