Inspired by @brazenhussy. Find her list here: A Different 20 Questions
  1. Extrovert or introvert?
    Introvert, definitely.
  2. Do you have any physical scars? If so, where?
    5, all less than a half inch - one above my right eye (errant window), one on my right middle finger (dog food can lid), one on my left ribs (running with a pencil), and two on my right knee (arthroscopic surgery).
  3. What religion were you raised, if any?
    Catholic, because of my dad and his family. My mom never practiced any religion that I know of.
  4. What religion do you practice now, if any?
    None. I'm not sure I can succinctly explain my relationship to religion/spirituality. But we are not practicing members of anything and we are not raising our children to be religious.
  5. Are you registered to vote?
  6. Favorite Dr Seuss story?
    I've always loved "What Was I Scared Of?" from The Sneetches book. My son calls it the "green pants" story. I loved it for the illustrations when I was younger, and the message now that I'm older. It's pretty hard to pick a true favorite - that's the first one that jumped to mind.
  7. Consistent quality in the majority of people you're attracted to?
    Intellect and musical talent. Also good hair (definitions vary, I know it when I see it).
  8. How old were you the first time you fell in love?
  9. What item/thing do you consider a luxury you will not live without?
    My phone
  10. What celebrity would you lose your shit over if you met at a dinner party?
    I'm not really sure. Maybe Orlando Bloom. Barack Obama. Someone crazy famous like Oprah. I'm not really obsessed with any particular celebrity.
  11. Worst year of school and why?
    4th grade. My teacher didn't like me. She told my mom at a conference that my shyness was a real problem and demanded to know what we were going to do about it. She called on me to read from the board on days when she knew I'd forgotten my glasses. It was a chaotic school year and I frequently felt lost and disorganized.
  12. Where were you born?
    In NJ, in the next town over from where I live now.
  13. Where would you most like to live?
    Wherever my family is. If I could pick them all up and move them with me, then someplace where we could hike all year round.
  14. What language do you speak?
    English, and toddler-level French. As in, my friend is raising her 3 year old daughter bilingual, and I can follow most of their conversations. 😂
  15. What are you addicted to?
    Sugar. My phone. To a lesser degree, my problems, although I'm learning to let go of that one.
  16. Are you kind to yourself in a regular basis? How?
    Yes and no. I give myself breaks throughout the day to do nothing for a few minutes without feeling guilty. I'm learning to be less judgmental of my mistakes. But my inner voice is frequently unkind.
  17. How do you feel about your body?
    Most days I appreciate my body and I'm grateful to it for growing my children and letting me move through the world in pretty much any way I choose. I'd like to be more fit/stronger/have more energy, which I know requires exercise, which I dread.
  18. What is something that people assume about you that makes you crazy?
    That because I'm quiet and reserved, I'm also a pushover and/or that I don't have strong opinions. I've also been told that my shyness comes across as being snobby.
  19. Which of your views on the world have/has changed most drastically in your lifetime thus far?
    So many. I was a pretty sheltered, naive child/young person in a mostly white, middle class town. I didn't know how other people experienced the world, or that there are so many other ways of living a truly good life. I am less judgmental and more open now.
  20. What are you really good at?
    Making people feel comfortable and welcome. Being a mom, most of the time.