I have admired Susie's work since "meeting" her on the app. It was so hard to narrow down my choices from her lovely Etsy shop, but here's what I eventually selected:
  1. (It felt like Christmas when the package arrived!)
  2. This awesome octopus mirror
    For me! Yay!
  3. Recipe cards for my best friend who is learning to cook
    Her birthday is in a couple of weeks. These will get filled out with my favorite recipes and sent to her in California.
  4. An octopus to-do list notepad
    I love this octopus so much! I might actually be motivated to get things done if I can check them off on this cute notepad.
  5. Susie was so sweet to add this cat notepad to my package!
    My five-year-old list maker has already asked if she can have it. I might share a few pages with her. 😉
  6. The new most-requested book in our house: What Will Hatch?
    They are totally fascinated by it, especially the holes in each page and how they become part of the next page's illustration. My little guy asks for it by name first thing every morning.
  7. Part of the inscription:
    Sorry, I'm weird about names and privacy.
  8. Some of our favorite illustrations:
    Mine. Such elegant penguins.
  9. Another...
    My two-year-old's favorite
  10. Another...
    My five-year-old's favorite
  11. Plus, there was an adorable poster for their reading nook!
  12. Look at how gorgeous it all looks together!
    This was taken before the book arrived.
  13. Thank you, Susie! We really, really love everything! ❤️