Inspired by @tombatten
  1. Arizona
    We stayed at a very cool resort in Sedona, where a little creek flowed past our cabin and we could sit on the front porch and watch ducklings swim past.
  2. California
    Vacation with two of my best friends for a week meant lots of hiking, eating, and late nights talking. I almost wet the bed after drinking too much tea one night.
  3. Colorado
    More vacation with the above-mentioned best friends, but also my sister and her fiancé who lived in Denver at the time. Red Rocks, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Boulder were outstanding.
  4. Connecticut
    We took the kids for a weekend getaway that included an aquarium and a children's museum. It was simple and fun, and I'd like to do more weekends like that in the future.
  5. Delaware
    When my family drove NJ to FL every summer, my sisters and I would try to guess how fast we could get through Delaware. We each remember the fastest time being around 30 minutes (possible? I don't even know.) and we loved being able to check off a state so quickly.
  6. Florida
    So many happy summers spent with my grandparents in St Augustine. I loved Marineland, the Alligator Farm, the white sand beaches, and walking around downtown. The year we were in a horse and buggy during a sudden thunderstorm was particularly memorable.
  7. Georgia
    The rest stops on I-95 suck. Try to hold it.
  8. Illinois
    I thought nothing would surpass Boston but I was wrong - Chicago is amazing, at least in the summer. We wandered around the city eating and exploring for 4 days.
  9. Maryland
    We took my daughter to see Tottenham Hotspur when they were on a US tour. By chance, we ended up at a great tapas place in the Inner Harbor for dinner.
  10. Massachusetts
    We stayed in a couple of suites with our friends and their kids. The kids put all couch cushions on the floor and had a bouncy pillow fight in their pajamas. The next day we went to see the ducks in Boston Common.
  11. Nevada
    I've been to Vegas once. It was fine.
  12. New Hampshire
    We drove through on our way to Canada. The never ending views of green-covered mountains make me want to go back for a proper visit.
  13. New Jersey
    I've lived here my whole life. I got married here and had my kids here. I can't narrow it down to one memory.
  14. New York
    Bear Mountain State Park. I was 12. I yelled to my family, "Watch me!" and then leapt onto a log that I didn't realize was wet. According to my family, I went entirely horizontal in the air before disappearing behind the log. I'm still miffed at how hard they laughed before checking to see if I was ok.
  15. North Carolina
    During a family vacation to the Outer Banks, my grandfather and I revealed that I had been secretly helping him write his memoirs, and we had printed copies for everyone in the family.
  16. Ohio
    We took a trip to Cleveland with the marching band in high school. It was the worst. Half the kids got food poisoning at the Spaghetti Factory, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was boring, and we never really saw signs of human life in the city itself.
  17. Pennsylvania
    My daughter was the cutest 2 year old flower girl ever (go ahead, challenge me) at my cousin's wedding in Pittsburgh. She was too shy to walk down the aisle herself so we went together.
  18. Rhode Island
    We honeymooned in Newport at the best little B&B. One day we rented mopeds and drove them out to the end of the island, where a kite festival was taking place.
  19. South Carolina
    Myrtle Beach in the off-season is pretty terrible.
  20. Virginia
    My parents, sisters, and I drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains on the way home from Florida. My parents were relaxed and happy. That was 20 years ago, and although they're still married, I've never seen them like that since.