1. Back in June, @aminam posted this list about wildlife in NY state: Scary wildlife shit in upstate New York I haven't had to deal with before
  2. This line cracked me up: "Butterflies: No shit I got swarmed by them today in a field on base."
  3. I pictured
  4. And also
    Yes, I know those are both gifs of birds, not butterflies.
  5. I teased her a little:
  6. Then, in July, I went on a family vacation to Woodstock, NY.
  7. Where I was swarmed by moths while standing in a field.
  8. And let me tell you, it is freakin' creepy.
  9. They were all over me, crawling on me with their many insect legs. AND a few FLEW. UP. MY. SKIRT.
    Not ok. Not ok at all.
  10. It was sort of like this:
    Yes, still birds. Picture moths.
  11. So...I'm sorry, @aminam, that I doubted you. I stand with you in the anti-moth camp, at least when it comes to them randomly swarming innocent humans.
  12. PS. My mom informed me that the things all over me were gypsy moths (hence the change in wording halfway through the list), an invasive species responsible for widespread defoliation in New England. So add that to the "con" list.