My goal is to create a visual record of the foods we like so I have a reference in the future. Hoping to avoid the "same five foods every week" trap. No amount of paper and pencil listing has been able to save me, so fingers crossed that this works.
  1. Southwest sweet potatoes with cornbread
    The inspiration for this list. I literally forgot that this is a meal I like until I came across a picture of it in my phone.
  2. Potato leek soup with biscuits
  3. Broccoli calzones
  4. Acorn squash stuffed with rice and lentils
  5. Tortilla pie
  6. Soul-soothing African peanut stew
    Subbed tahini for peanut butter on account of nut allergies. From the Oh She Glows cookbook.
  7. Pasta with broccoli and spinach
  8. Vegan sloppy joes with baked potato and roasted asparagus
  9. Black bean and corn burritos
  10. 10-spice vegetable soup
    From the Oh She Glows cookbook. So delicious, highly recommend.
  11. Green pasta
    Oh dear. That doesn't look as good as it tasted. It was really tasty and easy, and both kids loved it. From The Plantiful Table cookbook.
  12. Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas with avocado cream sauce
    Soooooo good. One of my favorites, and my daughter's too. From the Oh She Glows cookbook.
  13. Orzo with peas and tofu
  14. Nachos!
  15. Rice bowls with tofu or beans, and veggies
  16. Polenta with garlicky red sauce and roasted broccoli
  17. Tomato-basil pasta
    From the Oh She Glows cookbook. Pic is from the cookbook too, since I forgot to take one and we ate it so fast.
  18. Vegan lasagna
  19. Tacos
  20. Creamy pasta with asparagus and nutmeg
  21. Orecchiette with white beans and Swiss chard
    Optional: eat it on the front steps in the late afternoon sunshine
  22. Tofu scramble with sides of roasted cubed sweet potato and/or avocado toast
  23. Spicy English parsnip soup
  24. Escarole and white bean soup
  25. Seared polenta with tomato sauce and rainbow chard
    *Kids like the chard greens but not the stems. Cook separately in the future.*