I really love Command Hooks you guys.
  1. On my front door as a wreath hanger
    They make ones specific to outdoors! That's it in the center, sans wreath. It's more hidden when I have a wreath, which is probably 2 seasons a year. I leave it up year round anyway.
  2. Around my front door as Christmas light hangers
    Pretty sure they are made for this purpose. Not revolutionary on my part. I keep a package of them in the box with my holiday lights.
  3. In my entryway as backpack hooks
    No drilling. Can move them up as the kids grow and not leave any holes behind. (Backpacks are empty or close to it when hung, but the weight limit for the hook is 5lbs so I'm not worried.)
  4. In my entryway to hold kids' bike helmets
    We didn't have a shed until last year, so bikes and accessories were stored inside. We still keep the helmets inside because the kids can be independent in putting them on and away.
  5. In my kids' room to hold the curtain tie backs
    The curtains came with the fabric tie backs and of course I thought of looping them around command hooks. No drilling, easy to remove.
  6. In my bathroom as a washcloth hook
    Inside the cabinet for the washcloths my daughter likes to use when she brushes her teeth. (They have loops sewn into them.)
  7. In my kitchen cabinet as lunch bag hooks
    More independence in stuff management. Kid stuff at kid-height.
  8. In my other kitchen cabinet as pail hooks
    For kid utensils, from back when they were too short to see into a cutlery drawer. They're taller but we're all used to kid stuff in the pails now.
  9. In my kitchen "command center" (ha ha, pun) to hold Box Tops for my daughter's school.
    I lose them otherwise.
  10. In my kitchen to hold up my calendar
    It's on the side of a cabinet - not a good spot for a nail, perfect for a command hook.
  11. In my closet to hold little baskets for little items
    Wristlet, change purse, etc. The baskets are wire, so the hooks slip through the spaces between the wires.
  12. *Bonus: I use the "hook and loop" picture hanging strips for lightweight kid art/frames or to secure a frame I don't want to jostle.
    Like, the frame is hanging on a nail, but then you can add a strip to the bottom out of sight and it will never get crooked on the wall.
  13. *Bonus 2: at the outdoor education center to hold the birthday banner I brought from our house
    No mess, no damage, no complaints from the management.