Direct quotes. It was a routine checkup/cleaning.
  1. There are shots at the dentist?!?! I don't want a shot!
    She didn't need one; the hygienist from the other room came to get supplies.
  2. What's that sound?
    A drill in the room next to us.
  3. You're choking me!
    The dentist touched her tongue.
  4. Don't stick that pointy thing in my mouth! It's sharp! You're going to hurt me!
    The dentist wanted to "count her teeth."
  5. Is it hard? Will it hurt?
    Re: the thing you bite when they take an x-ray.
  6. I don't like that stuff! It tastes disgusting!
  7. I'm gagging! I'm coughing and gagging!
    She was. She managed not to throw up, which was an improvement over last time.
  8. Can I hold it and do it myself? I don't like when you do it.
  9. No! Stop! Just let me calm down. Sometimes that takes a few minutes.
  10. How can I take a deep breath when I'm crying?