Books I've Read in 2017

Presented without commentary because my own pseudo-reviews make me cringe. But feel free to ask if you're interested.
  1. A gift from my 2016 secret santa, @pili_ervin!
  2. It's not weird to cry when you finish a book just for the sole reason that there aren't any more pages to read and you already miss it, right? Asking for a friend.
  3. Dan Harris comes across as such an endearingly normal guy, with plenty of humor and skepticism. It's a good choice for people curious about meditation who'd rather dip a toe in than dive straight into the deep end with the gurus.
  4. I love this book so much that I reread it every couple of years, always in the spring/summer. @supercommonname, if you haven't read it, I think you should - it's about kids saving the world by playing baseball, and it's magical.