This is roughly chronological, and as complete as I could make it without doing more research (ie asking other people with better memories). Living in the NY metropolitan area makes it really easy to see lots of concerts. Tons of great venues all within an hour's drive. We don't go out a ton, but when we do, it's usually for a concert.
  1. Joan Baez and the Indigo Girls
    My first ever concert, with my aunt and my Grandpa at what was then called the Garden State Arts Center. I was probably about 10. I loved it. Saw them again in college with a friend who turned out to be homophobic. I prefer to remember the first concert.
  2. Steve Miller Band
    The first of many summer Arts Center shows with my friends. Would have been more fun if my rule-following self could have relaxed in the presence of people drinking underage. I was so worried that they would get caught and I would be found guilty by association.
  3. Dave Matthews Band
    So many shows. So much dancing amid the smell of pot. The soundtrack of my teens and early twenties. I had such a major crush on Dave.
  4. Reel Big Fish
    And many others of that type. We had a lot of fun hopping between small venues around NJ when we were in high school and college. I used to come home sweaty, hoarse, and exhilarated. Just now remembered as I was typing how excited I was to find out that being "straight edge" was cool (or, that I wasn't weird for not wanting to drink and smoke pot).
  5. Fuel
    Free concert at my college's rec center. They took themselves very seriously. We didn't, and were probably a terrible audience.
  6. Live and Counting Crows
    I really, really loved Live in high school. I think if I saw this concert again, I would appreciate Counting Crows more.
  7. Barenaked Ladies
    Maybe 15 years ago. Not a huge fan besides the few songs you hear on the radio, but I had fun. They engage really well with their audience.
  8. Jack Johnson
    I went with my dad (again at the Arts Center). A nice outdoor summer show, unsurprisingly chill.
  9. Bruce Springsteen
    Giants stadium, baby (although like probably many Jersey kids, I hear I missed him by one night at the Stone Pony). Nothing like singing Bruce's hits at the top of your lungs along with ten of thousands of other fans. I am told that I could recognize his songs when I was two (and I called him "Booce").
  10. Billy Joel
    Not really a fan but my husband loves him. Have been to a few shows as a supportive partner. The man is a ball of energy and a great entertainer.
  11. U2
    U2 is one of my favorites of all time. I think I have seen them 5 times now, but I have a terrible memory for things like that. The very best show of all was at the Continental Airlines Arena for the All That You Can't Leave Behind album. I literally cried and for the first time, understood how those screaming girls felt about The Beatles.
  12. Guster
    Indie-rock band. Started liking them in college and have seen them maybe a dozen times in local theaters, The Electric Factory in Philly, the Beacon Theater, Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and somewhere in Boston where they rode in on Segways. Great shows, fun music, my kids love them too.
  13. Jack's Mannequin/Andrew McMahon solo
    A recent interest. We saw Jack's open for Guster in Central Park and have seen Andrew McMahon a couple of times now (most recently last week!). Always a fun show.
  14. This list was inspired by @ijeoma My extra-long intro meant I couldn't fit it up there, but I don't like not giving credit!