Inspired by @joemurphy and everyone.
  1. Drinking
    The lemon and ginger flavors aren't overly strong, and it has a hint of sweetness (although it isn't sweetened). Surprisingly addictive.
  2. Wearing
    Slippers from the Etsy shop Jumping Pineapple. And my favorite pajama pants.
  3. Playing
    I love my NYT crossword puzzle app. It's relaxing and forces my brain to focus on one not-stressful thing.
  4. Reading
    Really enjoying this so far. Wasn't prepared for the descriptions of surgery, but now I know not to read while eating.
  5. Munching
    Mmm, crunchy goodness.
  6. Feeling
    Both in terms of actual physical tiredness, but also emotionally. I'm not entirely sure why. Trying to slowly work my way out of it.