December Saturday in NYC

Forgot about this in my drafts!
  1. My daughter got a copy of this book, The Noisy Paint Box, as a gift last Christmas. It's about Vasily Kandinsky, a Russian abstract artist, who was believed to have synesthesia. (It's called The Noisy Paint Box because he could hear colors.)
    I highly recommend it. It really illustrates the point of staying true to your artistic heart, even when people are telling you to conform.
  2. According to a note in the back of the book, MOMA has a few Kandinskys in their collection. We had nothing to do last Saturday so we decided to take the kids to see them.
    My daughter complained about the car ride. I tried (in vain) to explain to her how ridiculously fortunate we are that we could just hop in the car and drive to MOMA on a whim. One day she'll get it.
  3. The city was a zoo. I expected it but also sort of forgot exactly how zoo-y it would be.
    The view from our car in Times Square as my daughter decides she needs the bathroom "right this second." That's what we get for being distracted at a crucial decision making moment, and absent-mindedly choosing to turn right onto 42nd St.
  4. I can't remember the last time I was at MOMA; it has to have been at least 10-15 years. I forgot what a great collection they have! Because of the attention span/patience/hunger factor with two small kids, we limited our visit to just the 5th floor (art from 1880-1940).
  5. 2/3 of the Monet panels that stretched end to end in one room.
  6. "That looks like the painting in Olivia!" she cried.
  7. Contemplating Picasso. They decided they liked it.
  8. We found Kandinsky!! She actually spotted it first. She was so excited.
  9. There is at least one other Kandinsky in the museum, in a hallway near a bathroom (according to a guard) but the drive in took longer than expected and the kids were done. We had already walked the entire 5th floor at that point, so we opted to eat snacks in the sculpture garden instead of searching for it.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how well they behaved and how interested they were in the art. Even my 3 year old could explain what he liked and didn't like about each painting. We will be taking them back soon.
  10. Post-museum, we walked the few blocks over to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.
  11. Blurry pic of St Patrick's Cathedral because if I had let go of my daughter's hand she would have been swept away in the crowd. Not even kidding. I had to pull her back toward me a few times as people crowded around her. It was a bit nuts.
  12. Two goofballs 😜
  13. The kids had never seen the big tree before. One was impressed, the other clearly not.
  14. They were both *super* excited to see the Zamboni clearing the ice at the skating rink.
  15. One more without the Zamboni because it really is lovely.
  16. This trip was almost 2 weeks ago, and my 3 year old just said to me, "I liked when we looked a red Zanzboni after we saw Vasya's art."
    "Vasya's art"! I love that he describes our day that way. (Vasya is the nickname Kandinsky's parents used for him, according to the book.)