I experience a pervasive, low-level anxiety in my day-to-day life, but these things stand out as the worst (either in childhood or currently). Inspired by @sally
  1. House fire
    I have had this one since childhood and it has lessened over time. I blame school fire safety assemblies. Because of them, I was obsessed over the fact that our family did not have an evacuation plan. I used to lie awake at night imagining various fire-related scenarios and planning how I would escape and also save my family.
  2. Break-ins
    This scared me as a kid, and still does but usually not to the debilitating degree it once did. I used to have to sleep with my entire body and head under the covers so no one would see me if they entered the room. I also used to only sleep facing the door so no one could sneak up on me. Now, I sleep with lights on and my cell phone and car keys next to my bed if my husband is away. I also stay up so incredibly late that I instantly pass out so I don't have time to worry as I lie in bed.
  3. Being swept out to sea
    My Florida grandma was obsessed with rip tides, undertows, and strong currents. She was convinced that one of us was going to get dragged out to sea and reviewed protocol for rip tides with us constantly. I used to shake with terror when my dad and sisters went out in the water past their waists towards certain doom. I am still overly cautious about the ocean. Drowning seems like a terrible way to go.
  4. Out-of-control cars
    This is a new one, starting after my kids were born. We live near a fairly busy road and I have a nagging fear that a driver will lose control and jump the curb, striking my children as they play. The therapist I saw briefly (for anxiety - surprise?) had lots to say about this but I can't remember what now.