Requested by Anna Anna


I don't have one "perfect" answer for this. It's really more of a wish list, mostly dependent on who I'm lucky enough to travel with.
  1. The National Parks of the U.S.
    With my husband and kids. No merchandise, no characters, just us and the great outdoors.
  2. Barcelona
    For me and the hubs. This is actually at the top of our current wish list.
  3. Scotland/England/Wales
    Another one for my husband and me. My grandparents, who were born in Ireland, got to visit Scotland some years ago, and reluctantly admitted that it was even prettier than Ireland. So now I have to see for myself.
  4. St. Augustine, FL
    With my parents and siblings. We spent a week here every summer for 16 years, visiting my mom's parents. Total nostalgia trip.
  5. Ireland
    With my dad's family. We have done this trip 4 times to visit relatives (most recently in 2011) and it's always a blast. Still lots we haven't seen, and places we'd love to go back to.
  6. Chile
    With my two best friends from high school. These two need mountains to climb. I would legit need to train to go on vacation with them, but it would be worth it.
  7. The Mediterranean (Italy/Greece/Turkey)
    With my college girlfriends. They are both well-traveled and would be great at "navigating."