We quote our kids' books with them and to them in all situations. They are ingrained in the culture of our house in a way that delights me beyond words. This list could fill all 99 spaces, so I will probably do another one later. Inspired by @ShelbyGeidner.
  1. Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton
    We love Sandra Boyton (who doesn't?) and use this one as a timer for getting into pajamas: I start reciting the book, and we see if everyone can be dressed by the end of it.
  2. The Feelings Book by Todd Parr
    We use this quote when someone is sulking or cranky (including the "Love, Todd" part because it usually gets a smile). Highly recommend any Todd Parr you can get your hands on.
  3. Squid and Octopus, Friends for Always by Tao Nyeu
    Never fails to make us laugh. A gentle and funny story, and superbly illustrated.
  4. Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator by Mo Willems
    Belly laughs, every single time. This illustration is just amazing. (Another Mo Willems favorite is the page in Knuffle Bunny where Trixie goes boneless, but I don't have that book at the moment.)
  5. Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney
    This is a particularly comforting quote, especially for that separation anxiety phase.
  6. Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills
    This so perfectly captures any book lover's heart. My daughter recognized the truth in this when she was 3, and still smells every single book she opens before reading. Library books especially.
  7. Julius, Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes
    Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this book for a kid anticipating a new sibling because it is kind of negative (until the end of course). Probably better to wait and see if the child does have trouble adjusting - then they can see that they are not alone. Regardless, this poem that Lilly makes up about her baby brother is hysterical.
  8. Santa Claus, the World's Number One Toy Expert by Marla Frazee
    By far my favorite Christmas book for kids. It captures the spirit of Santa so beautifully, explaining that his greatest joy is making kids happy (a truth that will remain constant once kids find out who the "real" Santa is). Plus, Marla Frazee is an incredible illustrator.
  9. A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C Stead
    I love this part because Amos McGee is a dedicated and caring friend, and his delight in realizing that his friends have come to cheer him up is just so sweet. Another gorgeously illustrated book (by Erin E Stead).