I could not possibly rank these, @nathanveshecco. In fact, throughout my childhood, I slept with all of my stuffed animals in my bed at all times and rotated which one I held each night so no one would feel left out. (Disclaimer: Pictures are not my actual stuffed animals.)
  1. Pot Belly Bear
    My one true love (Stuffed Animal Category). I remember my parents having to turn the car around and go back to our apartment to get Pot Belly Bear on more than one occasion. (Image search couldn't get close enough on this one, and I will not insult his memory with an inferior image.)
  2. Glo-Worm
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    An 80s childhood staple. I still remember how comforting its glow was.
  3. Polka Dot Elephant
    Handmade by a friend of my parents when my sister was born, one for each of us. I loved them because someone made them just for us, and that impressed me, even at 3 years old.
  4. Kermit and Fozzie Bear
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    They were equally my favorite characters. I loved my Kermit doll ("Term" - I was too little to say it correctly) because his arms and legs were long and I could make him hug me back. Fozzie was the opposite - overstuffed to the point of being unyielding, and topped with a hard hat, but he made a good playmate for Kermit when I wanted to act out scenes.
  5. Eeyore
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    He was a consolation prize at Disney World the year my littlest sister threw up on my middle sister in the car on the way to Disney. They both needed fresh clothes, and my parents had to pony up for said clothes in one of the Disney stores. I must have looked as left out as I felt (shiny new clothes from Disney were an unheard of luxury), so they bought me Eeyore.
  6. Little Bunny Foo Foo hand puppet
    You could (and still can) check out hand puppets from the children's section of our public library. This bunny puppet was the absolute favorite of all the kids in my family. We checked it out every single time it was available. It wasn't technically Bunny Foo Foo, but that was my baby sister's favorite song, so there you go.
  7. My beloved Yellow Ribbon Blanket
    My security blanket, my constant companion. It was fleecy with a wide, soft satin ribbon around the edges. I had 2, and my mother would try to convince me to love the inferior one with the scratchy ribbon on wash days. Instead, I sat in front of the washing machine and dryer until the good one was clean. I eventually loved Yellow Ribbon Blanket to death; the remnants are in a bag in my attic.