And I don't mean turmeric smoothies, acai bowls, or homemade vegetable broth. I eat well a lot of the time, but when I'm sick, I want junk. Inspired by @Boogie
  1. 🤢 Queasy 🤢
  2. Ginger ale with lots of ice
    But I've made do with root beer in a pinch
  3. Cinnamon-sugar toast
  4. 😷 Stomach bug 😷
    (When I'm able to eat again)
  5. Orange Gatorade, ideally with crushed ice
  6. Ramen noodles
  7. Lemon ice
  8. 🤕 Headache 🤕
  9. Cinnamon-sugar toast
    Honestly, I think this cures most things.
  10. Chocolate
  11. A soda
    Usually ginger ale or root beer, since that's what we tend to keep on hand
  12. 🤒 Fever/flu-like illness 🤒
  13. Boxed mac and cheese
    With the orange powder. If I'm up to it, I *may* add broccoli.
  14. 😢 Emotions 😢
  15. All the chocolate
  16. (And cinnamon-sugar toast)