Inspired by @gracemahaffey
  1. 2/3 are married.
    1/3 living with her significant other and they have 3 kids together, so it's pretty much 3/3.
  2. 3/3 live within an hour's drive of my parents.
    1/3 (that's me!) live within a five minute walk. It has its pros and cons.
  3. 3/3 have Master's degrees.
    I am proud of us.
  4. 2/3 have kids.
    1/3 is child free by choice.
  5. 2/3 are vegan
    1/3 is vegetarian. 0/3 are obnoxious about it. I promise.
  6. 3/3 love reading
    1/3 (sister with no kids, surprise) actually has time to read and is very well read.
  7. 2/3 like the same kind of music.
    1/3 (me again!) feels hopelessly uncool when they talk about bands and concerts.
  8. 2/3 are in the field of education.
    1/3 is does something important sounding with finances, but that's as much as I understand about it.
  9. 1/3 is a distance runner and has completed 2 marathons with plans for more.
    2/3 participate by cheering her on from the sidelines.
  10. 2/3 have pets.
    1/3 is staunchly against having to take care of any more dependents.