There were a bunch of us in the neighborhood around the same age. One of the best things about our childhood was that we weren't allowed to play inside if the weather was nice, so we all played outside together every day. Inspired by @bisexual.
  1. Monkey Escape
    This was a glorified game of tag. The backyard jungle gym was the "zoo" and the person who was the zookeeper was "it." The other players were monkeys who left the jungle gym zoo and tried to get back on it without getting caught.
  2. Fort
    There was a small cluster of trees at the way back of the yard across the street. We played here 90% of the time because it felt far away and secluded. Sometimes it was "house" and we made "dinner" with acorns and leaves. Other times we were criminals and it was our hideaway. Sometimes it became the scene of yet another game of Monkey Escape.
  3. Lava
    A couple of us, myself included, grew up on the side of the street with duplexes (two attached homes). The sidewalk that led to the shared front steps of each duplex was bordered by two small lawns. Obviously, the sidewalk sometimes transformed into lava and we had to leap from lawn to lawn. There may have also been an element of tag to this game as well - trying not to get tagged or fall in the lava. Front steps were home base.
  4. Bake Sale
    We had a picnic set in my backyard with a table and 4 benches for seats. We used to stack the benches 2 high and pretend they were shelves in a bakery. We made mud pies and the like to sell.
  5. Obstacle Course
    Using the above-mentioned benches, we created balance beams or hurdles, and also added in a bunch of other yard toys to create an obstacle course. The best days were when the obstacle course started in one yard and ended in another. (The yards were fenced, so this required a short jog down the block to finish the second half of the game.)
  6. Tag
    Occasionally we played good old-fashioned tag with the big kids from down the street. They were too old and cool for pretend games so they just chased us around a lot. We had a "no sprinting" rule when they played. I didn't really know what sprinting was, just that you could yell it if they got too close and they would slow down.
  7. Shark Attack
    The kids across the street had a small in-ground pool. Shark Attack, of course, was another form of tag. I hated this one because I wasn't a strong swimmer, and I worried I would get pulled under when someone tagged me. It was sort of known to go easy on me in Shark Attack.