During today's visit, my grandparents were watching "the golf," as they say. Being from Ireland, they mostly root for whichever Irish players are golfing in a particular tournament. Items 1-4 were about Irish golfer Shane Lowry, who disappointed my grandparents by finishing +10 for the day and missing the cut.
  1. Damien back home knows him, you know. Just saw him last month. Nice guy.
  2. He lives not too far from Aunt Kitty's farm. He's one field away from being in Westmeath.
    This is mostly a compliment; obviously it would be more ideal to be from Co. Westmeath instead of one field away.
  3. Has his cap on backwards, does he? There's a country boy for you.
  4. The other day he had a bad shot and he [whispers] used a four-letter word. Everyone heard him. He had to come out and apologize, of course.
    This was my grandma. She's never cursed in all her 83 years apparently.
  5. Sloshing around, is he? That's what separates the men from the boys.
    Someone was in the rough. And it was raining.