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    The idea that someone I don't know would send me anything at all for the sake of holiday cheer just thrills me, and if I think too long about it, also makes me cry a little.
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    I kind of don't want to suggest anything because the surprise is so much fun. But in case you are really feeling stuck for ideas:
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    I like to doodle. I don't have any colorful felt-tip pens and that might be fun.
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    Cute patterned socks. Not corny holiday ones but ones where I could take my shoes off and not worry that my socks are dorky.
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    I like happy or encouraging quotes.
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    An ornament! Then I could remember your kindness each year when I decorate my tree.
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    If you are feeling inspired to make something that would be awesome, but please don't feel pressured to.
    I am toying with the idea myself but kind of nervous about it too.
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    🚫No food or alcohol, please. Too many food allergies at our house and I don't drink.
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    Have fun and don't stress about it! I am easy to please and am already so touched that you signed up for this kind gesture in the middle of what is often a hectic time of year.
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    Thanks a million to @ChrisK